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    I'm David Ernst.
    Graphic artist and Creative Director.
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    Through design, we can make all things a pleasure to interact with.
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    By design, I strive to combine yesterday's traditional disciplines with today's bleeding edge digital mediums.
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    Integrity. Service. Details.

where ideas — big and small — meet great design

and get executed (you know… in the good sense)

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Digital Art Direction

What is easy to do by hand is often most difficult to emulate on a computer.

And, the things made simple by computing power are often impossible to do by hand.

I love blending and utilizing the strengths of both.

Welcome to DWEHAUS.com

I am a graphic artist, craftsman & marketing guru.

This is my digital home for my portfolio. case studies. artwork. a blog. whatever I want.

my two cents

In an era when traditional disciplines like typography, color theory, and layout are falling by the wayside and digital shortcuts, automagic wizards and templates are overtaking our lives—I believe that simply knowing Photoshop does not make you a graphic designer any more than having taken piano lessons makes you a pianist, or owning a camera makes you a photographer. Rather, design requires technical expertise in many fields—artistic and analytical—because design is a vehicle to help businesses reach their financial goals. Design, marketing, and branding, cannot be isolated or separated from each other, or from a business’ success plan.

Today's designers must wear many hats—here's a few of mine.

A Man of many hats

Little brain wearing a top hat


Listener. Thinker. Idea Generator. Problem Solver. Solution Maker.

Two little mobile devices

Creative Director

UX/UI. Mobile. Web. Print. Photo. Video. Apparel. Packaging.

Two chat bubbles

Media Manager

B2B & consumer multimedia marketining campaigns via mobile, web, print, video and tradeshows.

Two web developer code writing screens

Project Manager

Local and remote talent, asset and resource management.

Old TV with rabit ear antena


Animation. Motion Graphics. Video. Photo. Web. Pitch. Pre-production. Production. Post-production.

Artist oil painting palette


Illustration. Typography. Iconagraphy. Drawing. Layout. Watercolor. Story Boarding. Paper Sculpture. Oils. Metalworking. Pastels. Interior Design. Woodworking. Origami. Lighting Design. Inks. Visual Effects. Mold Making. Audio Engineering. Cement Casting. Furniture Design. Video Engineering. Industrial Design. Spun Potery. Photography. Set Design. Web Design. Framing. Basket Weaving. And, much more.

Clip board with paper and notes


Seminars. College Courses. Kids Classes. Manual & Procedure Writing.

The Skinny

I have had numerous jobs and even more hobbies.

From high school on I have worked as an architectural draftsman, a baker, an animator, a barista, a video engineer, a college professor and a master woodwright—among many, many other things.

I have had businesses of my own, helped my wife start a farm, taught art, design, and visual communication at both the college and elementary levels, and even spent a few years in law enforcement.

But, my true love is… (well, my wife may read this so… Hunny, you are my true love) …my preferred artistic expression combines traditional skills and techniques with digital mediums.

I have studied both fine art and graphic design at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, have a degree in hand-drawn animation, from the California Institute of the Arts, and a degree in Social Science, from Butte College. This unique combination of fundamental art training and an understanding of basic human behavior, gives me a powerful edge in the world of digital marketing and design.

Whether you are looking for a Creative Director or Marketing Ninja. I would love to discuss ways that I can bring value to you, and see if there is a way for us to work together to make your business succeed in ways you have only dreamed of.

My Creative Process

it's not rocket surgery, there is a method to my madness

1. Ideation
2. Development
3. Production
4. Assemblage

Design is the logical selection and arrangement of elements for order with interest.

Without order, we can't influence the perceptions or the outcomes of understanding.

Without interest—well, frankly nobody will care—you gotta make it fun.

Believe it or not

I stand by my word and my work.

I believe I am most likely to succeed when I am providing service above and beyond what you expect. Without losing the forest for the trees—I sweat the details. Working hard on the details gives me a steady and sure foundation to achieve success throughout the entire campaign.

A few quotes

To quote LeVar Burton of Reading Rainbow, "But you don't have to take my word for it…"

Hearth Co Logo

Dan Zacher

Founder — Hearth Co.

“David is the most talented person I know. In 32 years of business, I [have] never worked with anyone that can create the kind of work he does.”

Sparrow Product Development Logo

Amy Livingston

Chief Branding Officer —
Sparrow Product Development

“You’ll never meet anyone like David, he has more skills and experiences than anyone I’ve ever met.”

Main Street Automotive Logo

Jeremy Lamberson

Owner — Main Street Automotive

“All I can say is, I had the opportunity to hire David 6 years ago — I didn’t — I was an idiot.”

Omni Cubed Inc Logo

Jessica Sherwood

Marketing Director — Omni Cubed Inc.

“No. Seriously. Is there anything you haven’t done!?”

other companies I've worked with